Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Break

Christmas Break was a blast! Carly and I flew to UT and got to hang with her family, meet old friends, and just have some fun. The first night Carly had her bridal shower and so her Dad and I went to the "man party" with my future brother in laws and nephews. We played some X-box Kinnect and had some hot chocolate. Afterwards I was taken to the bridal shower since apparently the tradition is for the guy to come to the last five minutes. It was fun because I got to see all the presents and get some of the food!

The next day we went to Provo and met one of her good friends Christen at Kneaders Bakery and had all you can eat french toast. Then we saw one of my college buddies Neil. Finally we dropped by my to see my best friends from my childhood, Pace and his wife Joy, along with Stephanie. It was fun to catch up and have them meet Carly. Steph said they needed to approve before we tied the knot!

Saturday, Carly, her parents and I got to see the new Mission Impossible. It was killer! Later on that day we had a dinner with some of the extended family and had a nativity scene with some of the smaller children. Loved it!

Christmas day was great of course since we got to have a musical program for sacrament. It always a great day when we get to recognize the Savior and his influence on our lives. The next best part was opening the presents! It was fun, especially with all my future nieces and nephews!

One of the best parts of the trip was visting the Bountiful temple, where Carly and I will be married in just a few weeks time. It is a beautiful place and I can't wait to go back there and marry her. I'm so grateful for temples and the authority to make it possible for marriages to last in the eternities. I know the Priesthood and the sealing authority in that Priesthood is real. That is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has blessed his children with.

Best. Christmas Break. With My Fiance. Ever!