Monday, October 31, 2011

New McCord Hall ASU MBA Building Ground Breaking

Last Saturday was the groundbreaking for the new McCord Hall building for the W.P. Carey School of Business graduate students. Dean Robert Mittelstaedt spoke opened the ceremony by speaking about the school's rapid rise in the rankings with only fifty years of existence compared to others with longer history. He also spoke about the investment of W.P. Carey of $50 Million to the school in 2002.

The school recognized that they were the only one in the top 30 that had not built a new building in the last 20 years. $17 Million was generated completely from donations from the community and alumni. No state funds were used to finance this project, showing the strength the school has to garner such a large amount to improve its facilities.

ASU President Michael Crow also spoke about what the new building meant and how much of an influence the business school was making through access, excellence, and impact.

After the speakers, a few of the school leaders and donors went to the site and started digging with the shiniest shovels I've ever seen. It was almost a shame to get them dirty! Carly and I actually got to do some shoveling too.

It was a pretty fun and historic event. Too bad I won't be there when it's done!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tri Four Done!

I just finished the most hard core trimester ever in the MBA program! I took Managerial Accounting, Supply Chain Management, and New Product Development, all of which were super quant heavy courses. I think my mind is about to explode from all that math!

Managerial Accounting and SCM were both case based and provided a lot of insights in to actual operations at companies like P&G, ZARA, Whole Foods, etc.

New Product Development was by far my favorite. We covered conjoin analysis, customer preference and perception mapping, and pricing/bundling. It was pretty intense, but I loved the material and the tools it provided to know how to launch a new product in the market. We learned how giants like P&G, AMEX, and the like prepare to launch products.

It was a super challenging trimester, but definitely worth it! Only two more to go!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) Conference

Last week, another ASU MBA friend and I attended the National Black MBA Association Conference in Atlanta, GA. First off, I know what your thinking. Your thinking, last time I checked, Josh is Native American. But don't you worry, it is open to all MBAs of every background!

They had over 400 companies at the career fair and 15,000 attendees. It was an exciting opportunity to meet with several Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) firms and speak with their Assistant Brand Managers (ABM). Brand Management is the field I'm interested in which includes supervising all the supply chain, finances, promotions, and, pricing of a brand or product like Clorox or Tide.

Each company has a booth you can approach and try to arrange on site interviews with. I interviewed with Henkel (Dial soap) and Kimberly Clark (Kleenex). Hoping to hear back soon from those companies for an on site interview.

The companies also host parties in the evening to give you opportunities to network with the associates representing the firm. I was invited to Kimberly Clark's party (which included a comedian named Kimberly Clark) and to Johnson and Johnson's huge jazz concert party.

While I still have an offer with Bank of America, I'm using my offer period to explore opportunities in another industry and hopefully land some offers!

The conference was a success and I'm looking forward to this week's National Society for Hispanic MBA's conference in Anaheim, CA.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New iPhone 4S

Apple introduced the iPhone 4S today at their special event. Honesty, I'm a bit underwhlemed by it. Absolutely no external design changes whatsoever. We waited an extra three months for this? Oh, well, there are some cool new internal features though. It has and A5 chip making it two times faster, an eight mega pixel camera (which is pretty legit), and dual band capability (CDMA and GSM) that does make it truly a world phone.

They also introduced a cool voice application called Siri that acts as a personal assistant and completes commands, kind of like Jarvis on Iron Man. One friend said it would be cool to say "iPhone, make me a sandwich." Someday.