Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bear Lake Trip

After graduation, Carly and I took a trip to Bear Lake last week and stayed at the Creamery in St. Charles, Idaho. The Pedersen's have been going to the Creamery for many years and Carly's uncle was gracious enough to let us come this last weekend. Carly's parents and most of her siblings and their children were able to come, as well as my parents and K.C. We mostly hung out and relaxed, but we had a couple family meetings. One of the meetings was on Mother's Day and we shared what we liked about our moms. Another meeting was about our favorite scripture and we learned a lot of new insights.

Playing games with some of my new nieces and nephews was really fun. In fact, there happens to be a firepole that most of us went down and I'm proud to say I was the first Native American to go down it!

It was super fun for our families to get to know each other better and enjoy each others company. Some of the best parts were sitting on the couch and just chatting.

Carly and I went up a few days before to hang out in Utah and spend time with friends and family. The day after we arrived, I got to participate in my first baby blessing for our new nephew Andrew. We also got to see Carly's alma mater, Weber State AND we got to see the Avengers, which totally rocked!

We are looking forward to many more trips up there in the future!